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After gathering data on thousands of websites to understand user experience and conversion rates, we designed the most effective yoga website templates on the market... UXI® Rainmakers.

Yoga Websites Designed For Marketing

Your yoga website has several jobs, but one is the most vital: it must persuade prospective yoga students to contact you. It also represents your yoga studio by communicating professionalism, skill, and trust. User Experience Intelligence (UXI®) yoga website templates are mobile friendly, conversion-based designs that generate leads at the highest possible rate. They make it easy for users to find information, and funnel them towards contacting you. Start with a UXI® Rainmaker design of your choice, then let our professional designers brand it with your content, pictures, logo, and more. With the easy to use front-end editor, you can update content whenever you like, without knowing code. With UXI®, your website will become your most profitable yoga marketing tool.

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Premium website design with minimum effort.

Tired of having to choose between “set-up yourself” cheap templates and expensive, lengthy design projects? Our full-service design process delivers you a custom yoga website design, managed by an experienced project manager, with the ease of a content management system you can edit yourself. Get a premium design in weeks, not months. Then, work with your Marketing Executive to analyze data, perfect your design, and maximize your lead flow.

UXi® Rainmakers are just better yoga websites.

Designed for marketing.

All the right elements to rain in new clients.


Easy navigation with call-to-action buttons.

The navigation bar, phone number and quote button stay fixed on top so they’re always visible. Making it easy to navigate and convert.


Confidence building global header.

Show off your brand’s logo and other important information such as trust badges, certifications, quotes/reviews and more site-wide.


Clear headline & call-to-action.

Make your call-to-action large, clear, front and center. Below that, leverage nice, big, call-to action buttons so becoming a client is easy!


Ready-to-go, highly targeted landing pages.

Take advantage of conversion optimized landing pages pre-designed and ready-to-go for all major yoga services.


Show off trusted reviews & brand logos.

Trust is a major factor in generating clients, so showing off some great reviews and trusted brand logos is key.


Highlight areas you serve.

Make it clear what areas you serve and optimize all your local service areas with targeted SEO powered & localized landing pages.


Boast the #1 trust badge online.

Show off the highly convertible Top Rated Local® Yoga studio or the Top Rated National® Yoga studio trust badge site-wide and get a ton of new clients.

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See what your website would look like with a UXi® Rainmaker design. It’s free!

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See what your yoga company would look like with a UXi® Rainmaker design. It’s free!

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The Best Yoga Websites Inform, Build Trust, & Are Persuasive

Is your Yoga website your most valuable marketing tool?  It should be.

There has never quite been a marketing tool like a website.

Unlike old print media such as the Yellow Pages, a website is dynamic.  It can be updated with new content everyday.  It can display vibrant images and informational videos.  Phone numbers, request forms, and maps are easy to find and use.

A good business website is a salesperson.  It communicates benefits and entices people to act.  And unlike people, it works 24X7x365.  It never calls in sick, never takes vacation.

A website is something leads come to – it doesn’t go to them.  There are no cold calls, no flyers sent to large population segments in the hopes of finding a few interested people.

Mobile Responsive Design

Today, prospective Yoga clients are as likely to find you watching a Yoga video on the smartphone as looking you up on a desktop computer.

In fact, mobile search is now so prevalent that Google requires that sites be mobile ready, or they won’t be displayed on mobile search results.

UXi® yoga website templates are fully mobile responsive.  They automatically resize to look perfect on any size screen.

For a Yoga studio, a website is really the perfect marketing tool.  It’s a chance for people who are new to Yoga to just dip their toe in the water and get a sense of whether this is for them.  It’s your chance to communicate what Yoga can do for a person’s health and persuade people to try.

If you have a special area of practice, you can communicate that.  If you have a special offer for new students, display it.

Most of all, a website is a Yoga marketing tool.  It’s job is to make people aware of your studio and encourage them to try Yoga.  If a new student reaches out to you personally, the website did its job.

With the prevalence of mobile devices and the ease with which people can search for services online, your Yoga website needs to be visible, professional, and persuasive.

Use Testimonials to Build Trust on Your Yoga Website

Content created by your satisfied Yoga students can be some of the most valuable sales copy on your website.

We care about the opinions and decision making process of others.  In fact, it’s hardwired into our thinking.

Picture yourself at a bus station.  There is a delay, so everyone is sitting around waiting to board.

Suddenly, a few people decide to stand up at the gate and wait in line.  Others look up from phones, glance around at the crowd, and do the same.  You gather your stuff and get ready to board yourself – you want a seat near the front.

Now, there was no announcement.  The ticket taker is not in position.  Yet people in this situation will start to line-up just because others are lining up.

The reason has to do with something called social proof.  Social proof relates to how people make decisions when they’re not sure what decision to make.  When they see that others made a decision, they assume those people have more information than they do.  They defer to the wisdom of others and make the same decision themselves.

Social proof helps to explain why testimonial content on a business website is so valuable.  People are influenced – on an almost subconscious level – by the opinions of others.  In fact, studies show that people are as influenced by the online reviews of complete strangers as they are from a referral of someone they know.

You can take advantage of this reality with the design of your Yoga website template.

Specifically, you should highlight and edit testimonial content to increase its impact on site visitors.   Here are some tips on how to get Yoga student testimonials to work as powerful sales content on your website:

  • Highlight reviews in your website design.  Make sure visitors see testimonials.  Have a content area or banner above the fold that has a short, effective statement.  Sprinkle testimonials throughout your homepage design, and have one close to your call to action.  Use bold type and strong colors to catch eyes.  Include testimonial videos if possible.
  • Edit your testimonial content.  Inform people giving a testimonial that their content may be edited for use on your website (with their approval).  You want to keep the content short and to the point with both text and video content.  Website visitors won’t read long blocks of text or sit through a 5 minute video.
  • Highlight different benefits.  Try to get testimonials for clients who’ve experienced different benefits from Yoga practice.  For example, relief from back problems, improved sleep, etc.  Comments on benefits will have the most impact on visitors trying to decide if Yoga will help them.
  • Use a third party verification system.  Lend credibility to your testimonials with a third party review platform that verifies the reviews are real.

Website testimonials build trust and help people make a decision.  That’s as powerful as any sales pitch.

Use Benefits-Focused Content

When targeting keywords for a Yoga studio, there are few obvious ones.  Yoga studio, Yoga instructor, Yoga classes among the most common.

These keyword queries demonstrate the intent to participate in Yoga – from someone who is already aware that’s what they’re looking for. Certainly high-quality traffic worth going after.

However, practices like Yoga, that have definite health benefits, can target other keyword searches that will attract new clientele – with keywords associated with those very benefits.

According to the Yoga Health Foundation, the benefits of Yoga include helping alleviate :

yoga marketing

  • chronic back pain
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • menopause
  • stress
  • asthma
  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • hypertension
  • Various types of cancer

People who suffer from these conditions often research remedies – particularly natural ones.

For example, someone in your area suffering from chronic back pain might search on “natural ways to reduce back pain”.  They might expect to find information on chiropractic, massage therapy, or acupuncture.

They may not have consider Yoga, but this is your chance to introduce them to the idea.

Create Landing Pages

The most effective way to target these types of searches is to create PPC campaigns for each benefit you want to focus search on.  The advantage here is that you can rank for broader searches (like “how to lower blood pressure) but your ads will only show in your geographic target area.

Each ad can be directed to a website landing page with content that deals with that specific health benefit.  You can give a brief overview of how you address the issue.  A video demonstration would be particularly useful.

Your call to action is to get them down to your studio to experience Yoga for themselves.

Broadening your keyword targets gives you an opportunity to target new, long-term yoga clients.

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