Top Rated Local®

Control your reputation online & increase sales by becoming the most trusted yoga studio in your area.

Top Rated Local® is an online review platform that lets you ensure ratings and comments about your yoga studio are verified and fair. Gain control of your online reputation and earn the trust that wins new clients.

Trust is essential in online marketing.

Of all the things your online yoga marketing needs to do, earning trust may be the most important. What your clients say about you has a major influence on the decision of a potential yoga student. That’s why it’s so frustrating when unfair and even slanderous comments appear on reviews sites from reviewers you can’t even verify as actual clients. Top Rated Local® is a review platform that gives business the ability to verify reviews and manage comments. You can keep it fair and honest to make sure the integrity of your yoga instruction comes through.

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Communicate the trust your yoga studio deserves.

Top Rated Local® gives you control over reputation management.

Do your happy yoga students say they’ll tell their friends about you and write nice reviews, then never seem to do it? With Top Rated Local® you can send out ratings requests that make it easy. You verify them with one easy click. The Top Rated Local® badge links to our third party site so prospective students know the comments are legit. Your Marketing Executive will also optimize your page for SEO so when a lead searches for reviews of your studio, your page ranks. No other platform makes it this easy to build a trustworthy online reputation for your yoga studio.

Powerful reputation management software for yoga studios.

Control and build your reputation online with ease.

Only verified customers can rate your business. Plus, if a customer rates you poorly, you have up to 30 days to resolve their concerns and ask the customer to re-rate you. Also, all comments are kept private unless you choose to make them publicly visible.

Get found by prospects looking for a trusted yoga studio.

Yoga prospects are always looking for highly rated and trusted yoga studios. Top Rated Local’s search engine allows them to do this. Plus, when somebody looks for you on Google they see your high rating stars on the search page which builds trust!

Increase conversions with the Top Rated Local® badge & widget.

Our Top Rated Local® trust badge and widget is installed on your site to ensure your new visitors see just how credible your business is. This helps increase the conversion rate of your website and generate more new clients.

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