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Did you know that many people are so reclusive that they could go an entire day without speaking to another living soul? That their information, their interaction, their connections with people all come online. Many of these people are vast … Continued

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Don’t Argue With Yoga Non-believers

There is a huge, untapped market in the yoga industry. It starts with men.  Twice as many women as men practice yoga,  and that number is optimistic.  Other recent survey’s found that over 80% of regular yoga studio participants are women. … Continued

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Yoga Marketing & Optimism

Carol came to Yoga Marketing 360® ready to build out a new studio in the Portland area.  Her goal was be a top studio with 6 instructors and full schedules. We talked about search marketing and SEO, explaining the strategy, … Continued

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The Luxury Yoga Studio

You’re looking for a new twist – and a new audience – for your yoga studio marketing, so you decide to go for the luxury route. You present all the amenities for comfort, luxury, and style so you can target … Continued

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Yoga: No Men Allowed?

I’m a guy interested in trying out yoga. So I start surfing around on the web to get some information and insight.  With content ranking on many topics, it’s hard not find yourself on the Yoga Journal website. I peruse … Continued

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Don’t Market to Yoga Lovers

The title of this post may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s good advice if you want to grow your yoga studio. If you look at cities, you’d think Boulder Colorado would be a mecca for yoga marketing.  It’s full of active, … Continued

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Should I Market Yoga Leadership?

We live in remarkable times. The culture of the internet and digital transformation is decentralizing power structures and distributing control.  Consumers, employees, and citizens have unprecedented power. We see it everywhere.  At the time of this writing, many Americans are … Continued

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Marketing Mindfulness

Today, many Yoga students think they want to practice Yoga as a type of physical training.  They see images of taut Yoga instructors, flexible and fit, and think this must be a fantastic way to get into shape. In America, … Continued

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Talk About Relaxing: Yoga & Beer

Yoga is popping up everywhere:  led by intrepid marketing ideas. In Colorado, where micro-breweries are king, yoga instructors are taking advantage of the spaces in breweries and a niche audience to win new yoga students. What we see is a … Continued

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You Can’t Beat the Unsolicited Referral

There are many critical steps to successfully marketing your yoga studio. As you start out, you probably hit the streets.  Distributing flyers and cards on doors, taped to light posts, pinned-up on coffee shop bulletin boards. Next, maybe you have … Continued

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First Steps for New Yoga Teachers

Here’s how newly graduated yoga teachers can get in front of students. Megan McCary writes about how new yoga students can feel lost, and suggests some opening steps.  Here is a short review of her tips: Consider the Business You’re … Continued

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